Personalization Overview

Using Instance 1.0

Will my instances 1.0 microapps be impacted if I have this new feature turned on?

No. Instances 1.0 microapps will continue to function the same as before.

Will I be able to continue to create new microapps using instances 1.0 features?

No. Moving forward new microapps and non-dynamic microapps will see the updated dynamic feature options.

Can I convert my 1.0 dynamic instances microapp to a Personalization microapp and get the new features?

In order to do this, you will need to remove and rebuild your dynamic fields in Microapp Settings. After you have done this make sure your dynamic tiles are tied to your new dynamic fields. We recommend you rebuild the microapp to avoid any issues.

Will 1.0 microapps open in the new viewer experience?

No. Only new microapps and existing microapps without 1.0 dynamic instances will display the new viewer experience.

Default Values

What can I expect if there is no default value for a dynamic field?

When creating a dynamic field and no default value is provided the following will occur in the respective areas of the product:

  • In the builder, the tile will display a placeholder illustration to help the editor quickly identify it is dynamic
  • In the builder preview, the tile will not be visible
  • When viewing the microapp in the library viewer the tile will not be visible<
  • When editing an instance in the library viewer (edit mode), users can expect the tile to behave like a normal dynamic tile (outlined in blue, ability to replace etc.)

Creating dynamic videos

Why do I only see a video URL link option to personalize my instance?

The dynamic video field was configured to only accept URL links.

Why do I only see an option to upload a video from my device to personalize my instance?

The dynamic video field was configured to only accept video uploads from your device.

Can I have both video options when personalizing my instance?

No. Not at this time.

View all dynamic fields

Can I see all the screens in my microapp in the view all dynamic fields panel?

You can see all screens with dynamic fields listed in the panel. If you have a screen in the microapp that has no dynamic fields, it will not appear.

Can I replace dynamic fields from the side panel?


How does the View all dynamic fields search work?

You can use the search bar to search for any dynamic field or screen by name.

General Questions

Why do I see two navigation bars in the viewer?

The new navigation bar is workflow focused.

  • When you are viewing a microapp the navigation bar will only include viewing-mode actions. These include switching between microapps, personalized instances, creating and managing instances, switching adaptive format, going fullscreen, and sharing.
  • When you are editing a microapp the navigation bar will only include edit-mode actions. These include switching between adaptive formats, going to the builder, and viewing all dynamic fields.

Can I create an instance using the public API?

No. However, this feature will be released in October.

Can I still broadcast?

Yes. However, switching between Instances 1.0 microapps and the new Personalization microapps while broadcasting requires you to restart the broadcast session.

Can I create a personalized instance from the builder?





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