How to embed a microapp on a webpage

Embedding a microapp on a webpage is a great way to bring interactive experiences to your website. Although microapps are not intended to be  a replacement for a webpage they can prove to be an excellent supplement to webpage.

Generate an Embed Link

  1. Identify the microapp you wish to embed from your library.
  2. Click the share icon.
  3. Select Public link.
  4. Select Embed.
  5. Select the adaptive format you wish to embed. If your microapp is only published as a desktop size, that will be the only option you see available. If your microapp is published in multiple formats, each adaptive size that is published will appear.
  6. Copy the embed code.
  7. Paste the HTML into the code base of your webpage.

For more information about microapps and SEO please read this article.

Microapps can not be embedded in emails

Microapps can not be embedded in emails since email providers block javascript and embeddable content that use <iframe>. For more information about the limitations of microapps and email we recommend this article.