Account Settings: Font Management

Uploading Fonts

Only Account Admins can upload custom fonts. Supported font formats are TTF and OTF.

  1. Click the Account Settings wrench icon.
  2. Click Font Management.
  3. Click the Upload button.
  4. Select one or more .TTF or .OTF font files from your device.
  5. Click Upload to confirm font file attachments.

After uploading your font you will see:

The Font name, Preview, and File type information displayed on the Font management tab
  • Font name displays the font family name and font style
  • Preview displays a visual of the font
  • File type displays the type of file used to upload the font

Using a custom font

  1. In the Builder select a Text Tile.
  2. Click the Font family dropdown.
  3. Search for your font family.
  4. Select the custom font.

Deleting Fonts

  1. Hover over any font to see the Trash icon displayed
  2. Click the Trash icon
  3. Click Delete font to confirm the deletion

If you delete a custom font that was being used in a microapp, the microapp font will automatically switch to Arial.


The custom fonts feature is not fully supported on the mobile app and mobile browser.


  1. Are Google Fonts already supported in the text tile?
    1. Yes. You can find a list of the Google Fonts supported here.
  2. What happens if I upload a custom font that is a duplicate of an existing one?
    1. You will see a toast message with the message, "This font has already been uploaded".
    2. The font will not be uploaded to the Font management tab, because it already exists.
  3. Is there a file size limit for uploading fonts?
    1. No. All standard font file sizes are supported.
  4. Can I upload more than one font at a time?
    1. Yes.
  5. Will my custom font appear if I import a microapp to a different Tiled account?
    1. Yes. If the custom font has not been uploaded to the new Tiled account, the system will upload the font automatically to Font Management tab once the microapp is imported.