Managing Libraries

Multi-Library is a great feature for companies that have different teams or departments that use Tiled, but may not need to access other departments' microapps. In other cases, a designer may need access to multiple departments' libraries in order to create microapps for the teams they work with. In other words, Tiled users can be apart of multiple Tiled libraries with different permission sets in each library. Multi-library is a great solution for both scenarios. 

  1. Add a Library
  2. Clone (duplicate) a microapp to another Library
  3. Delete a Library

Add a library

Only Account Admins can add new libraries.

Adding a new library is as simple as clicking a button. On the left navigation bar, click the "Create Library" button.

This will bring up the create library pop-up, where you can name your new library (this name can always be changed in the "Library Settings"). Once you have named your library and, optionally, changed it's library avatar. Click "Create"

Your new library will appear at the bottom of the list of libraries in the left navigation bar.

Delete a library

At the moment, libraries can not be deleted. If you have a business case where a library needs to be completely removed, please create a submit a ticket and our support team can assist you with this request.