Microapp Settings: Sharing

The microapp sharing settings are specific features that are intended to control the way in your microapp appears when it is shared.

Display Contact Marker

Enabling the display contact marker will allow all share links generated for a microapp to display an icon in the top right corner of a microapp to give the microapp viewer the ability to see what Tiled User generated the share link, contact that user and toggle Full Screen. 

A microapp does not need to be republished after toggling this feature ON. All microapp share links will now display the contact marker including any Shared links that were generated previously to the toggle being checked.

Universal Link

The Universal Link was designed to quickly direct internal users to a specific microapp in the Viewer. It can be shared or embedded, similar to a public link, but is specifically for internal stakeholders.

Universal links will force login to view. When successfully authenticated the viewer will be dropped into the builder for a specific microapp.

Tiled user session engagement data will be captured in engagement analytics.