Publish A Microapp

How to publish a microapp

  • Click Publish in the bottom right corner of the Tiled Builder
  • Choose which group you'd like to publish to
  • Choose if you'd like to include a push notification or not
    • The push notification will send an email to all the users in the library or to a specific group
    • If you include a push notification, add a headline and notes
  • Choose if you'd like to publish all adaptive formats (this option is only displayed when you have more than one adaptive format for your microapp)
  • Add tags if you'd like
  • Click Publish

Publish your microapp

How to share and view a microapp

After you publish your microapp in the builder, you will see a successful publish message to do the following:

  • Share the microapp
    • Clicking the share button will display the share modal will appear and you can generate a direct, public, or subtag link
  • View the microapp
    • Clicking the view button will take you to the internal viewer

Share after publish