SEO & Microapps

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuously evolving topic, but one that we are paying close attention to as more microapps get published to the web. Every year, there are hundreds of updates to the Google Search Algorithm and the frequency of these changes has accelerated since Google's AI system contributes to shaping the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's) autonomously. In the past, search engines had a difficult time understanding context in things like photos, iframes or Single-Page Applications (SPA's). Over time, Search Engines have become increasingly sophisticated and now have ways to better understand these types of content- but it is not perfect.

We have highlighted some of the most common questions about microapps and their impact on SEO below.

Do Microapps help with SEO?

Microapps could provide a positive signal to search engines based on their impact of a page. Metrics such as average dwell time, number of clicks, and number of quality backlinks are all likely contributing more to SEO than your microapp. That said, if an embedded microapp improves the user experience on the page or leads to increased backlinks it can help provide a positive SEO signal to search engines. For a more in-depth understanding of microapps and SEO we recommend learning about the way Single Page Applications are indexed by Search Engines.

Can a Microapp Show Up in the Search Results?

Yes. If you publish a microapp and add the link to an indexable page on your website, Google will likely index your microapp to be found in the SERPs. See Example.

Do Search Engines Crawl Microapps?

Yes. Although microapps are mostly comprised of images, Tiled allows you to add Title and Alt text to your media for Search Engines to better understand and index your content. When used properly and consistently these additional pieces of of information give search engines better indicators of the context of your microapp and allow you to be ADA compliant. Additionally, text within your microapp that is added via text tile in will be indexed by search engines.