Supported text properties from Figma

The Tiled plugin for Figma now has the ability to convert text to text tiles. There are many text properties that can be configured on the Figma side. Not all of them can be synced over to Tiled. Use the following details in this document to better understand, which properties will sync over seamlessly to Tiled. 

If a text layer contains more than 1 style for any of the below properties, only the first style will be taken and applied to all of the text in Tiled.

Figma Text Properties that ARE syncable to Tiled

  • fill (font color and opacity)
  • font size
  • font-weight
  • font-family: Tiled and Google fonts only supported
  • vertical text-align
  • horizontal text-align
  • line height
  • letter spacing
  • text decoration
  • letter case
    • Note:: small caps, and small caps forced are not supported

Figma Text Properties that are NOT syncable to Tiled

  • Basic Type Settings:

    • resizing

    • vertical trim

    • paragraph spacing

    • list style

  • Details Type Settings

    • Indentation

      • hanging punctuation

      • hanging lists

      • paragraph indent

    • Numbers

      • style

      • position

      • fractions

    • Letterforms

      • ligatures

      • ordinals

    • Horizontal spacing

      • kerning pairs

    • More features

      • fraction denominators

      • fraction numerators

      • scientific inferiors

  • Stroke

  • Effects

Note: Text rotation is currently unsupported by Tiled