Tiled API

The Tiled API is a powerful tool for generating interactive content using data sources that offer API's such as a CRM's, email campaign tools, or other Business Management softwares. Developers can use the Tiled API to with other web applications in order to automate things like; the creation of microapps, personalizing microapps, generating unique share links, and other capabilities.

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You must be an Admin to generate an API Key

Generate an API Key

  1. Navigate to Settings in the Library Navigation.
  2. Find Integrations and select API Keys.
  3. Give the API Key an identifiable name and click Add.
  4. Copy the API Key and save it somewhere safe. This will be the only time the private API Key is shown.
  5. Use the API Key as Bearer authentication for API requests. View API Documentation for next steps.

Delete an API Key

1. Hover over the API and click the trash icon. Clicking the icon will show, "Are you sure you want to delete this API key? Any services that are currently using it will no longer work."
2. If you are sure you want to proceed, click the Delete Key.

If you are unfamiliar working with an APIs we recommend learning to use Postman to make API requests.