Tiled App Overview

Bring the power of interactive documents to your phone or tablet with the Tiled Mobile App. The app is a great way to present information from a phone or tablet — even without wifi! Build microapps from a desktop, publish to your library, share and present your microapp anywhere!

Download the Tiled App to access microapps from your phone or tablet.

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Supported Versions for the Tiled Mobile Application

Please refer to the information below to ensure that your mobile device is compatible with the Tiled mobile application.

Tiled mobile app version

Minimum iOS version

Minimum Android version


iOS 12.2





*N/A - no change for iOS (this is an Android-only release)

Operating system version support
The list of supported operating system versions is subject to change and Tiled reserves the right to update it based on the product development roadmap.

The mobile app does not support any editing capabilities