Troubleshooting the Tiled Plugin

If syncing with the Tiled Plugin does is not working as anticipated, use this guide to troubleshoot your problem. If you are still experiencing problems syncing with the plug please send us a message.

You will know if the plugin is having difficulty syncing your artboards or frames if:

  • The plugin continues to load and never shows a success message in the plugin panel.
  • The plugin shows a success message but your microapp pages or assets do not appear in the Tiled Builder at all.
  • The plugin shows a success message but your microapp pages do not appear in the Tiled builder with the name of your artboard or appear to be low resolution in the builder.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with a Plugin please check the following:

Is the Tiled Plugin up to date?

Figma: Not Applicable.

Adobe: Please read this Adobe article for information about updating your plugin.

Sketch: The latest version of the sketch plugin can be found on our website.

Do your Artboards or Frames contain Special Characters?

Examples of special characters are !, @. / , -, "", (). Please remove all special characters from the names of your Artboards and Frames before syncing.

Is the Design Tool up to date?

The latest versions of each tool are listed below:

Figma: Figma will load the latest version available.

Adobe XD: See Latest Release

Sketch: See Latest Release