Whitelist the tiled.co domain

A whitelist (or allowlist) is an IT term which refers to a list of approved email addresses, IP addresses, domain names or applications that are allowed to interact with your companies' IT tools, such as your website or email inbox. Whitelisting is the action of adding emails, IP's, domain names and applications to your approved list.

Why whitelist tiled.co?

Whitelisting the tiled domain can have several benefits to your end users.

  1. Improve email deliverability when sharing microapps with team members from the tiled platform.
    Some organizations have strong email filters that can impact email deliverability, especially from an unknown or new domain. To ensure your team receives Tiled emails, whitelisting the tiled domain may be a good idea to instruct email filter to permit Tiled emails through. 
  2. Embedding digital media hosted on your companies domain.
    To understand the concept of embeddable content it is important to be familiar with CORS, or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. A CORS Policy is a security mechanism that allows a web page from one domain (also known as an Origin) to access resources from a different domain, also known as a cross-domain request.

How to whitelist the tiled.co domain

Depending on your companies IT infrastructure there are many different ways to "whitelist" the tiled.co domain, and in most of those cases whitelisting usually requires the help of a developer or IT professional. 

To whitelist the tiled.co domain and relevant subdomains, we recommend using the following format:

Whitelisting tiled.co does not guarantee perfect email deliverability or a flawless experience embedding content since other IT security mechanisms may be influencing what you see. If you have further questions about this article please contact your Customer Success Team member.