Direct Share Links

Use direct share links to send a microapp to an individual directly by email or phone number. Track engagement data for the specific link generated in order to receive insights about how the recipient engages with your microapp.

Generate a Direct Share Link

  1. From the microapp library, click the share icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the microapp.
  2. A share modal will appear, with the Direct share selected by default.
  3. Enter the name and email (or phone number) of the intended recipient(s).
  4. (Optional) After adding the recipient information, add a message to be included with the email.
  5. Allow direct replies to my email, is activated by default. Uncheck the box to turn off.
  6. Click Send Email to send an email with a link to the microapp to the recipient. Alternatively, clicking the chain icon will generate a personalized link which can be shared via personal email instead of by the tiled system. 
  7. Both link types will track the engagement by the recipient who clicks the microapp link. More information is available at Engagement Analytics
  8. Receive notifications when the recipient opens the link to the microapp. To manage how you prefer to be notified see How to Manage Direct Share Replies.