Engagement: Pathway Analytics

Pathway Analytics are a way to see engagement data on a microapp from a specific user. Since Pathway Analytics are tied to a particular user they are only available for Direct Share Links.  Information such as the time spent on a microapp, the tiles that are clicked (or tapped) and other engagement data comprise the Pathway Analytics information. 

Accessing Pathway Analytics

There are 2 ways to access the Pathway analytics. Keep in mind that you will only be able to see analytics for Direct Share Links generated by your Tiled Account. Direct Share links that are generated by other users will not be accessible to you.

Method 1

  1. Navigate to My Shares.
  2. Select the Direct Share link.
  3. Click the row where the microapp has been "Viewed". Microapp thumbnails that have an arrow next to them indicate that pathway analytics are available for that microapp.
    Method 1

Method 2

  1. Navigate to Engagement.
  2. Under Latest User Activity identify the user who you want to analyze.
    Method 2
  3. Select an item that is apart of their Recent activity. (See Image in Method 1).

Understanding Pathway Analytics

There are 4 distinct sections of the Pathway analytics page. Using the information in Pathway analytics you can better understand how recipients are engaging with your microapp.

Pathway analytics

Section Name Description
1 Meta Data Information pertaining to the Direct Share Link. Includes the microapp name, recipient, time of open and location of recipient.
2 Overview Quick stats about the engagement of the Direct Send. Includes Number of microapp pages viewed, Number of Taps (or clicks) and total View Time.
3 Activity Timeline A chronological list of activity within the shared microapp. Includes the microapp page name, duration of time on page and the microapp page thumbnail.
4 Activity Canvas The microapp page canvas will show a blue bounding box for the hotspot links. Numbers with a light blue circle indicate the clicks on that microapp page.

Embedded content and iFrames will not be tracked in Pathway Analytics

Any engagement activity that takes place in an Embed Tile or Script Tile will not appear in the Pathway Analytics.