Account Settings: Library Analytics

The Library Analytics provide an overview of usage in your Tiled account broken down by Library. It is helpful to analyze a high-level view of Tiled usage in order to pinpoint what libraries are getting the most traction in your account.

Access Library Analytics

  1. Navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Select Library analytics.
  3. This shows the top-level stats for every library in the account. If you want to drill down further, each of the library's names are links to that specific library's engagement page.

Library Analytics Terms

Term Definition
Users The total number of verified and unverified users that have been added to the Tiled library.
Published Microapps The number of published microapps in a library, including archived microapps.
Unpublished Microapps The total number of unpublished microapps, including archived microapps.
Internal Sessions (Last 90 days) The total number of Tiled-user sessions. This number is calculated any time a microapp is viewed in the viewer. Sessions less than 1 second will not be counted.
External Sessions (Last 90 days) The total number of sessions a shared microapp receives. This number is calculated by the number of views a microapp that is shared directly, embedded. Sessions less than 1 second will not be counted.
Total Sessions (Last 90 days) The sum of Internal Sessions and External Sessions
Completions The sum of all completion events.



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