Library Settings: General

Every library in your Tiled account will have it's own Library settings. The General Settings mainly control the appearance of your library as well as the sharing settings for microapps.

Setting Description
Library Name The library name will appear at the top of your microapp library and along the global navigation. Modify the Library name here.
Custom library avatar Set a custom image or .gif for your library.
Send external emails from (reply-to-address) Customize the Name and from email address when using sharing a microapp through direct share
Custom room url (for synced presentations) Generate a custom URL to share with others for remote presentations. 
Security Turn on to default new microapps to internal only. This will disable sharing of microapps in the library.
Broadcasting Turn on to enable presenter only mode by default.
Custom microapp landing experience Turn on to show a specific microapp at login, instead of the Tiled library.

Access the Library Settings

Update a Library's avatar

A libraries logo can be changed in 2 places. First, when creating a library, you have the option to change the logo. Simply hover over the pre-made icon and click to upload a new logo. The dimensions should be a minimum of 150px x 150px.

Second, under a given libraries settings, you can select "Change" under customer library avatar.

Enable Broadcast Functionality

The Tiled broadcasting feature is a powerful tool that empowers a presenter to present microapps during a live, online session and give attendees the ability to engage with the microapp in real time. This functionality must first be enabled on a library-level, and then the profile of each user must be configured individually.

For more information about broadcasting a microapp session, see How to Use Tiled to Broadcast Live Sessions.

Configure broadcast in the Library settings

  1. Navigate to Settings in the Library Navigation.
  2. Find the section Custom room url (for synced presentations). This field lists the Library name as the base URL that is to be used as the web address for all Tiled broadcasts. Ensure that this URL is accurate.
  3. Once this is confirmed, then they can confirm configuration for their account from their Profile page.

Configure broadcast in the User Profile settings.

  1. From the user profile page, find the field, Custom room url (for synced presentations).
  2. Create the desired name of the room URL and click Update Account to save these settings.
  3. The full URL will look like{Library-Name}/{Room-URL}.

We recommend using a user name or a department name for the Room URL in order to better attribute analytic data from the broadcast session.

Custom Landing Experience

A Custom Landing page is a tailored Tiled account experience when a predefined microapp is set to display when a Tiled User accesses a specific library. This may happen once or each time the Tiled User access the Library after logging into their Tiled account.

Establish a Custom Landing Page for your Library

Custom Landing pages are set at the library level.

  1. Open the library you would like to have a custom landing page
  2. Click Settings in the Library Menu
  3. In the “Custom microapp landing experience” section, place a checkmark next to “Enable custom microapp landing experience.”
  4. Choose a microapp from the dropdown
  5. Determine whether the microapp should appear every time a user logs into the library, or if this should only happen once.

Choosing “Always” enables the custom landing page to show each time the User logs in, not every time they access the library itself.

If your microapp has Personalization enabled, Tiled Users will be prompted to choose the instance once the microapp launches.

Why use a custom landing page?

Organizations might require users to interact with an introductory experience before they access their library of microapps. By enabling a Microapp Landing Experience, we help organizations build user workflows that address their needs. Microapp Landing Experiences may be used by organizations to nudge Tiled Users toward high-impact actions.

Microapp Landing Experiences may be used for various purposes, including:

  • This helps customers/prospects/trial users/employees orient themselves within the journey of their experience. It could be just a warm welcome, reminder, or a prompt to complete a set of actions to proceed to the next microapp
  • Making a splash around a long awaited or marquee release
  • User confirmation
    • Used for success/legal/compliance messages, really anything that’s deemed important and requires an alert

How does it work?

  • For the Admin:
    • Admins must enable it for the appropriate library
    • Admin selects which microapp from their library will appear to all their users.
    • Admin selects how often the microapp l appears for the users: once OR always
  • For the User:
    • Once enabled, the microapp  will appear in the native client and web browser ( experiences
    • Based on the cadence setting, users will either come in contact with the custom landing experience once or every time
    • As Landing Experiences are microapps, they inherit all functionality related to microapps
    • Users will be able exit the microapp and get to the Library
    • Users will not be interrupted if the custom landing experience is updated by the Admin during an active session
  • General Details:
    • Tiled is aware when Admins are logging into their account versus Users. When Admins are logged into their account, the enabled microapp will not be displayed. If Admins want to view the enabled Custom Microapp Landing Experience microapp, they can login using


Term Definition
Sign In

When a user opens the Tiled native application on iOS/Android and enters their login credentials

When a user goes to and enters their login credentials

Microapp Landing Experience A tailored Tiled account experience when the admin of an account configures a library microapp to display at a desired frequency, after users (base users or admins) login/launch or native app (iOS or android).
Always A configured microapp landing experience rate of occurrence, which allows the selected microapp to appear every time a user of the account signs into/launches or the native app.
Once A configured microapp landing experience default rate of occurrence, when ‘Always Launch’ is not selected, which allows the selected microapp to appear only the first time a user of the account signs into/launches or the native app since being configured.

Native App: When the Tiled native application on iOS and android has been opened after being killed by the user, but they are still signed in (authenticated)

HUB: When a user goes to and are still logged into their account (authenticated)