Managing Microapps

There are several options for managing a microapp from a library. To access available options select the three dots in the top right corner of the microapp cover. Some options may be restricted due to User roles. The available options are:

Options Description

The information modal contains a preview of the microapp as well as the following metadata:

  • Microapp Name
  • Description
  • Adaptive Formats Available
  • Publish Date
  • Size
  • Tags

*The option will only appear for published microapps.

Insights Navigate to the microapp engagement page.
Edit Navigate to the microapp Builder.

Clicking Duplicate will copy the microapp into the same library it is duplicated from.

It is best practice to re-publish your microapp before duplicating to ensure all tiles and assets are properly duplicated to your microapp copy.

Download The equivalent to export. You will receive an email containing the microapp file Microapp files are are identifiable by the .tiled file extension.
Archive Move the microapp to a system-defined category called "Archive".

Restore a microapp

If a microapp has been archived it will not be shown in your library unless expanding the system-defined category, "Archive". Share links previously generated for the microapp will be deactivated while the microapp is archived. However, if the microapp is unarchived, the previously created share links will be active. Editing, Duplicating, and Insights will not be available for this microapp unless you "Restore" your microapp.

Delete a microapp

Deleting a microapp will permanently remove the microapp from your Tiled Library and revoke any direct, shared or subtag links associated with your microapp. Before deleting a microapp you should consider the following questions:

  1. Is this microapp embedded anywhere important?
    Think about how your microapp was used. Was it ever embedded on your website or inside another microapp?
  2. Who will be affected?
    Sometimes microapps are utilized by different parts of an organization. Before deleting a microapp consider looking at the engagement stats of the microapp to make sure no one has been actively using it.
  3. Does this belong in the 'Archive'?
    Even though you may not be using a microapp, keeping the work done within a microapp might be worth preserving in the archive. Remember, deleting a microapp will mean it's gone forever. 

Now that you have considered the questions above, please use follow the instructions carefully to delete your microapp.

  1. Identify the microapp you intend to delete inside your Tiled microapp library.
  2. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the thumbnail of your microapp.
  3. Click Archive from the menu. This will move your microapp from the category it currently lives into a new category called "Archive".
  4. Identify your microapp in the "Archive" category, and select the 3 dots in the top right corner of the microapp cover.
  5. Click Delete from the menu.