Getting Started for Designers

Use the following guides and blog posts to design and build your first microapp. Additionally we have created a microapp to help with getting started.

Organize Your Content and Design:  Your microapp is only as good as its content and design.  The below articles provide some tips and best practices on how to design your content to create a high-quality microapp.

Select Your Design Tool: You can build microapps with any graphic design tool however, we highly recommend designing microapps with Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma. We have built plugins that allow you to seamlessly sync your artboards with your microapps. Below are some guides for the more commonly used design tools.

Tiled Plugin for Adobe XD

Tiled Plugin for Sketch

Tiled Plugin for Figma

Features in the Builder:  The builder is where you select tiles from the gallery to create the interactivity as well as structuring the navigation and user experience of the microapp.