Public Links



Use when: you want to share with a group of anonymous individuals or on public platforms like websites, blogs, or social media.

What it is: Public links can be used to share microapps with large groups, rather than specific individuals. This is the recommended link for shares that are public and anonymous, such as website and blog embeds and social media posts. You will not receive individual notifications on public links, but will be able to review pathways and engagement in Tiled. Viewers will not be individually identified, but their sessions will be visible together under the name your provided for your link.

How to use:  To create a public link, simply name your campaign and choose a method of sharing. Then you can share via a suggested social platform, copy the URL, or create an iframe to embed your microapp.

Note: if you are sharing with users whose identities you know (such as an email list), you might prefer to use subtags to be able to see individual activity for your users.

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