Getting Started for Designers


Use the following guides and blog posts to design and build your first microapp.



Organize Your Content and Design:  Your microapp is only as good as its content and design.  The below articles provide some tips and best practices on how to design your content to create a high-quality microapp.

 Select Your Design Tool:  Tiled works with just about any design tool or format; from PDF's to Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma and others.  Below are some guides for the more commonly used design tools.

Create Your Microapp:  Now it is time to upload your design assets into Tiled and create interactive and engaging experiences for the user.

 Features in the Builder:  The builder is where you select tiles from the gallery to create the interactivity as well as structuring the navigation and user experience of the microapp.

Sharing Your Microapp: To learn how microapps are shared, please go to Getting Started for Admins

Analyzing Your Microapp:  To learn about analytic pathways and how users are engaging in your microapp, please go to Getting Started for Admins

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