Public Links

Public links are a great way to share microapps with others outside of your organization. Public links are intended to be shared in public forums such as slack channels, social media, or public facing channels.

Generate a Public Link

  1. Click the share icon on the microapp you wish to share in your library.
  2. A modal will appear. Select Public.
  3. Name the link. The name of the Public link will be used to report on the engagement of your microapp in the Engagement Tab.
  4. Select the type of Public link, needed. There are several options.
Link Description
Standard A URL that is intended to be shared with others.
Embed A link that is intended to be embedded on a webpage. Important note: If a microapp has multiple adaptive sizes/versions, each will have its own embed code. We recommend generating a desktop and mobile version to embed on the adaptive sizes of your webpages. 
Linkedin Share a microapp to your Linkedin as a post or send as a message.
Twitter Share a microapp to your Twitter as a tweet or send as a message.
Facebook Share a microapp to your Facebook as a News Feed post, to a friend's Timeline, in a Group, in an Event, on Page you Manage, or as a Private Message.

Additional Information about Public Links

  1. Removing Public microapp links

    A microapp link will still be accessible, even when the microapp has been moved to "Archive". In order to delete the link entirely you must delete the microapp.

  2. Sharing a microapp

    If you are sharing a microapp with users whose identities you know (such as an email list), you might prefer to use subtags in your CRM to see individual activity for the individuals who click on the SubTag link or choose a Direct share.

  3. Notifications on Public Links

    You will not receive notifications on public links.

  4. Analytics on Public Links

    You will be able to review pathways and engagement analytics for Public Links in Tiled. Viewers will not be individually identified, but their sessions will be visible together under the name of the public link generated.